Capacity Building Unit

Democracy & Governance



“Building internal and external capacity through participation, empowerment, development and inclusion, with the end goal of creating long-term and sustainable change

Building Capacities:

The current situation in the Middle Eastern region, although progressing over time, still requires attention in areas including capacity development in both resources and communities, from which collated information is to be shared this knowledge with relevant stakeholders. The Capacity Building Unit (CBU) was established by ARDD-Legal Aid to assist the latter group in capacity building as enshrined in the ethos of ARDD-Legal Aid is the belief that building on human capital will have a residual impact on the increased development of wider society.

The current obstacles that capacity building faces within the Jordanian context includes:

  • Affordability: the high costs to be expended in order to build capacity
  • Availability: limited availabilities of expert trainers
  • Accessibility, and Awareness:lack of information in terms of what capabilities need to be built, and the need for understanding the importance of capacity building for progress and development.

Supporting Resilience:

It is within the mission of ARDD-Legal Aid to provide support and empower the community, with a particular focus on the marginalized groups, that for which capacity building is crucial for the overall development of the society. It was soon realized that in order to satisfy the necessities required for building capacity both internally and externally, a separate unit within ARDD-Legal Aid needed to be created. This unit would focus particularly on development on a needs basis assessment with the main aim of providing a support system for all ARDD-Legal Aid staff, partners, relevant stakeholders, and most importantly our persons of concern, the beneficiaries.

We are working collaboratively to have accountable voices that are together strong, informed, and capable in order that we can account for, overcome and built a better and stronger society. This is partially achieved through the training packages and session provided in the areas of:

  • Civic Engagement and Empowerment for Disabled Persons
  • Advocacy
  • Power of Narrative
  • Training sessions for Communication, Presentation and Writing Skills for target groups
  • Problem Solving Workshops
  • Leadership
  • Strategy Planning and Implementation
  • Community Mobilization

The CBU aims to build capacity both internally, to solidify the relations and responsibilities that exist between us, beneficiaries and our partners and externally by means of finding the needs or gaps that exists and then applying proper solutions appropriate to filling these gaps,  This is done through mentoring, learning, training, or intervening in the outsourcing of a service, with the overall aim of helping to establish a community filled with empowered knowledgeable change makers that are able to utilize the surrounding human capital to build a greater civil society where all rights and liberties are recognized..