Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Center for Renaissance

The Center for Renaissance will support research and policymaking in the Middle East and North Africa region through merging ARDD’s 10 year history of localized, on-the-ground fieldwork with aspirations for comprehensive change on the regional scale.

Local Research, Regional Impact

Localization continues to be a pressing issue for local NGO’s. The lack of a core think tank for the region to provide home-based research to the international community is a key reason localization has not improved. As it enters into the tenth year of operation, ARDD is well positioned to branch off and establish a local think tank. Respected by both national and international actors, ARDD’s research is to be held to a higher standard of rigor, concision, and clarity that will provide donors a better sense of the region’s needs. Local research provides a more realistic solution for solving regional challenges through a contextually refined perspective, while maintaining the objectivity to facilitate a free exchange of ideas among other local, regional, and international partners.  

This exchange of knowledge targeting international partners and those partners based in the MENA region, aims to address pressing regional challenges, such as disintegration, marginalization, alienation, radicalization and violence, poverty, lack of diversity and pluralism, all in an effort to give rise to a vision for a better future.

Employing Values of the Arab Renaissance

Noticeably, a common theme associated with think tanks in the MENA region is a democracy-driven research focus. In a world where democratic values seem critical for a better lifestyle, this basis is perceived as the only answer, while also paradoxically viewed as a Western ideology. For democracy to succeed in the Middle East and North Africa, a different structure is needed to connect the common people to their governments. A rationale for change based on the values of the Arab Renaissance provides an intellectually sound and culturally deep-rooted focus for tackling the ever-growing obstacles that prevent humans in the region from living freely and comfortably.

Capturing the essence of a better future is dependent on the time and place within which it occurs, and for the Center for Renaissance, the aspiration for change is grounded in the Arab world of today.