Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Center for Renaissance

The Center for Renaissance aims to encourage debate around the spirit and notion of the Arab Nahda through research and accurate and detailed response to crises occurring in the region, in addition to strengthening the network of regional and global experts and activists who possess wide-ranging expertise in dealing with these issues and the challenges that accompany them. 

The Center for Renaissance focuses on four main areas:

Development and Human Rights | Islam | Middle East Politics | Refugees

Local Research, Regional Impact

In its tenth year of operation, ARDD finds itself respected by a range of national and international actors for its production of precise and objective research in line with the highest international standards of research.

Most non-governmental organizations face the problem of a lack of research based on localized knowledge, even worse is the lack of specialized regional think tanks working to provide scientific and articulate information to the international community.

Localization continues to be a pressing issue for local NGO’s, and this issue is worsened by the lack of regionally-specialized think tanks working to provide the international community with refined knowledge based on the local realities.

This exchange of knowledge targeting international partners and those partners based in the MENA region, aims to address pressing regional challenges, such as disintegration, marginalization, alienation, radicalization and violence, poverty, lack of diversity and pluralism, all in an effort to give rise to a vision for a better future.

Employing Values of the Arab Renaissance

Noticeably, a democracy-driven focus on research arises out of think tanks in the MENA region. Despite that in today's world democratic values are considered critical to improving the lives of societies' individuals, paradoxically, people still look at this proposition as an attempt to pass off a Western ideology. 

There is no way democracy programs and concept can succeed without inclusive change based on the values of the Arab Renaissance, which acts as an intellectual and cultural pillar to change the relationship between individuals and their governments, and fundamentally addresses the obstacles that prevent people from living freely and comfortably.