Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development


ARDD events invite the expertise, experience, and participation of representatives from the many sectors of society. The renaissance cannot be locked away in a lecture hall or the archives of a library; the full and active engagement of civil society, government, and private sector are necessary for bringing change to the region.

Past Events

“Humanist Arab Renaissance… The Arab’s last escape route” - 8th Nahda Forum Session

19 February 2018

with Waciny Laredj

“Confronting Radicalism and Promoting Peace: A Cultural Approach”

29 November 2017

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Generating Empowerment through Market Solidarity (GEMS)

24 November 2017

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"Language Security for the Arab Renaissance" - 7th Nahda Forum Session

22 November 2017

with Dr. Salah Jarar

Strengthening the Capacities of Women Organizations - The North-South Centre of the Council of Europe

25 October 2017

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Justice Needs and Satisfaction in Jordan - The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law (HiiL)

23 October 2017

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