Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Building Intellectual Capacity - 3rd Nahda Forum Session

03 May 2017
Nahda Forum

with Dr. Garay Menicucci, Ms. Sarah Bonnefoi - Affiliated High School of Beijing University

Year after year, Chinese students attend Middle Eastern universities in ever growing numbers, as China’s domestic post-secondary institutional capacity cannot handle the level of demand that sees about half a million Chinese students sent abroad each year.  

At the third edition of the “Arab Renaissance Forum” (“Nahda Forum”), ARDD hosted Dr. Garay Menicucci and Ms. Sarah Bonnefoi of the Affiliated High School of Beijing University to discuss the experience of the School in Building Intellectual Capital; where they tackled the case of China's international student transformations with a lens on the potential strategies for secondary education in the MENA Region.

The topic’s focus on youth education helps to build towards ARDD’s comprehensive response to the development and human rights implications involved with ensuring younger generations are given the tools to be intellectually curious, politically active, and economically productive.

The event was a rare look into the shared education dilemmas facing the ever-growing Chinese student body as well as the region-wide collective of students from Egypt to Lebanon, and of course Jordan. A key finding from this event was the realization that there is a lack of institutional sponsorship for exchange schemes, which limits the wider population’s ability to profit from educational opportunities that can help build quality education in Jordan and the broader region.