Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

"The humanist Arab Renaissance, Arab's last escape route" - 8th Nahda Forum Session

Amman, Jordan
19 February 2018
Nahda Forum

with Wasiny Laredj

The discussion of the "the dilemma of culture and the intellectual Arab" and the situation that is increasingly neglected and complicated day after day, and fall prey to ideological conflicts between the conservative and liberal, and political and religious conflicts that caused the loss of Arab identity and the fragmentation of the Arab conscience.

The Nahda Forum hosted the Algerian academic and novelist Wasiny Laredj at its eighth session titled "The humanist Arab Renaissance, Arab's last escape route," which was moderated by Hana Al-Araj to discuss this dilemma and talk about the concept of Renaissance, culture, and the intellectual.

Laredj sees the novelist as carrying a personal responsibility towards society, a responsibility to include social realities in the novel. He also must be able to create a balance between being part of the social system while at the same time outside it. The novelist has the responsibility to the reader to provide a novel that contains signs and discourses that do not aim to indoctrination, but rather to open a door to an intellectual partnership.


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