Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

"Language Security for the Arab Renaissance" - 7th Nahda Forum Session

Amman, Jordan
22 November 2017
Nahda Forum

with Dr. Salah Jarar

The concept of language security exceeds the dilemma of preserving a language’s integrity and the requirements of its development; it is fundamentally connected to the priority of maintaining the cultural and social existence of the nation’s language, race, and spirit, and the need to contribute scientifically and culturally to human civilization. In the seventh edition of the “Arab Renaissance Forum” (“Nahda Forum”) moderated by Dr. Zaid Eyadat of Political Sciences and Human Rights in the University of Jordan, alongside guest speaker Dr. Salah Jarar – Professor of Arabic Literature and Andalusian Literature at the University of Jordan.

This edition of the Nahda Forum worked towards ARDD’s desired renaissance by focusing on the Arabic language as an identity, a culture, and a mechanism for civil participation in the Arab world, and the need to protect an individual’s right to freedom of expression regardless of their background.

This event was unique in that while it had a large focus on the Arabic language, the underlying principle of language security does in fact apply to all languages, regardless of the number of speakers or their relative power. Among the key outcomes from this edition is that language security is connected to the nation’s cultural level, securing the existence and promotion of language is one of the necessary components to achieving renaissance. Lastly, the youth, and science and technology will continue to develop as key factors to the success or failure of language security.