Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

"Tales of Ancient and New Prophets" - 6th Nahda Forum Session

Amman, Jordan
04 October 2017
Nahda Forum

with Dr. Zaid Eyadat

The current state of the Arab world calls for optimism and pessimism simultaneously; the feeling of pessimism due to the failure of the Arab situation, the backwardness and spread of violence, the fabrication of religion and heritage, which in turn led the Arab world to the margins of history while the West leads the wheel of technical progress; and the optimism to correct the Arab world’s role. The sixth edition of the  “Arab Renaissance Forum” (“Nahda Forum”) was hosted by Professor Zaid Eyadat, Chairman of ARDD and Professor of Political Science and Human Rights, moderated by Prof. Azmi Mohafaza, President of the University of Jordan, on several issues, including the history, conditions, policies and tools necessary to bring about a comprehensive Arab renaissance.

Dr. Eyadat elaborated on the Renaissance (al-Nahda) as a new birth and the advancement of a human renaissance based on freedoms and human rights. al-Nahda finds its foundation in an idea produced by the mind and called for the use of modern scientific curricula in social sciences to dissect the Arab mind and to devise and expand mental and logical principles. Balancing history and heritage on the path to achieve the renaissance calls for the need understand and overcome historical mistakes and differentiate between the benefits of history and its myths.

Some key outcomes of the event were the refinement of the history-heritage idea, where myths must be discarded while not abandoning history and heritage, which make up a people’s identity. Additionally, the concept of statehood and stability in the Arab world are essential to achieve renaissance, with the pillars of collective trust and social cohesion keeping society together and allowing individuals to bring their passions together for a common good. By developing a Renaissance project based on reason, humanity, science and morals, new prophets who will give the first guiding legends of our time and achieve the desired renaissance.