Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Women’s Rights in the Age of Fidel Castro - 2nd Nahda Forum Session

Amman, Jordan
29 March 2017
Nahda Forum

with H.E. Jabra Khoury

The sensitivity of gender equality in Jordan and the Middle East invites a host of economic, social, and even political issues for the population as a whole; the experience of other women in the fight for equality is a poignant and informative tool to help visualize potential change. At the second edition of the “Arab Renaissance Forum” (“Nahda Forum”), ARDD hosted His Excellency Jabra Khoury to talk about women’s rights at the time of Fidel Castro and women’s gains under the Cuban Revolution. The Honorary Consul of the State of Cuba at the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan since 1998, Khoury discussed the rights of women in Cuba, and how they are equal to men, be it in their constitutional rights or in all economic, political, cultural and social fields, as well as within the family.

Exploring the de jure and de facto equality of women in Cuba following the revolution, the event developed the dimensions of gender equality, an issue that continues to be a major ARDD focal point in its work to provide justice for all regardless of their status or gender. This event was unique in that it connected two vastly different and geographically separate communities by centering on their shared struggle: gender equality.

By introducing the start, steps, and current status of Cuban women, the audience could analyze how the situation of pre-Cuban and post-Cuban women to understand the dynamics of power that lead to achieving liberation and full citizenship. A Q&A session between the audience and the panel allowed curious members of the crowd to dive deeper into the topic of women empowerment and allowed Mr. Khoury to further expand on his wealth of experiences.