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Short-term volunteers participate in one or more of our programs for a period of less than one month.

General expectations and requirements

All volunteers and interns are expected to have a strong interest in and commitment to the organizational aims and general mission of ARDD-Legal Aid  (see ‘About Us’ section of the website). They are also expected to work with enthusiasm and commitment, bearing in mind professional and cultural sensitivities and behavioral codes. This includes completing the required number of intern hours and following behavior and dress guidelines.  We do not require short-term volunteer candidates to have any previous similar experience, though any applicable skills or knowledge will of course be helpful during your time with us. In particular, volunteers are expected to display cultural sensitivity prior to and throughout their participation. The sensitivities surrounding some of our work may require that volunteers provide us with a background check. As for long-term volunteers/interns, qualification and language requirements vary between different roles.

Benefits of participation

Volunteering at ARDD-Legal Aid benefits not only the organization and those who use our services, but also the volunteers themselves. Local and international volunteers are able to contribute to Jordanian society and the refugee community in a meaningful way while also meeting new and interesting people, developing new transferable skills, and building relevant experience for a diverse range of career paths. International volunteers will also benefit from forging community connections, thereby experiencing Jordanian culture and civil society from the inside.


Interns participate in one or more of our programs for more than one month. This is a full time commitment. We accept a wide range of individuals as long-term interns , and our program is sufficiently flexible to meet the needs of both internationals from abroad and Jordanians who would like to assist in the development and empowerment of their own community.

Every intern with ARDD-Legal Aid  will participate in an orientation session before beginning their work. This involves a tour and explanation of ARDD-Legal Aid’s departments and running projects.  You will learn about the wide and varied nature of ARDD-Legal Aid  work and meet individuals participate in a range of our programs.

Dedicated interns are vital to ARDD-Legal Aid work and are highly valued within the organization. Internships are unpaid, but as a matter of policy we provide every long-term intern with recommendation letters upon request.

How to apply

If you're interested in working for ARDD, or would you like to volunteer or intern, please fill out the following application form and return it, along with CV and cover letter, to