Humanitarian Assistance Unit

Development & Human Rights



Why Humanitarian Assistance?

The International Humanitarian Architecture is the term given to the huge and diverse body of organizations and relevant actors who work in the area of humanitarian assistance and action.  Within the Jordanian context, ARDD-Legal Aid provides services to many underprivileged and marginalized groups, some of whom require immediate or ongoing humanitarian assistance whether it be the distribution of sources or to help coordinate the efforts of an emergency response. Thus it became apparent that a unit that worked in relief and emergency response be created under the Development and Human Rights Department in order to enhance the protection sphere within our mandate, thus the establishment of the Humanitarian Assistance Unit (HAU).

What We Do

Inclusive of the overall objectives of the HAU is to coordinate and collaborate with affiliate organizations that contribute to ARDD-Legal Aid for the purpose of providing direct assistance through either donations or distribution of sources to those who are in need of it.  In addition to this direct assistance, ARDD-Legal Aid also uses the information and data it has gathered regarding the humanitarian situation through its work and research to assist in increasing the involvement of national actors in the humanitarian sphere based on the understanding ARDD-Legal Aid has of the issues from a national lens. ARDD-Legal Aid follows the internationally set SPHERE standards in providing humanitarian assistance.

The HAU also aims to continuously monitor the situation of humanitarian crises in the region and perform the required mapping of the relevant actors, exemplified by the coordination of the mapping of service distribution during the recent crisis in Gaza. This is in order to be able to coordinate and participate in the emergency response that arises and to advocate for better protection of vulnerable people through:

  • Direct assistance through distribution of resources and services as required
  • Embracing the principles of humanitarian work such as accountability and impartiality
  • Continue to maintain an observatory role of unfolding crises around us as well as observing the waves of refugees coming into Jordan
  • Build partnerships which enable us to monitor, evaluate and draw upon lessons learnt in order to advocate for better responses
  • We aim to shed light on the importance of legal empowerment in emergency settings for refugees and affected populations, especially within tight security situations

The overall aim of the HAU is to provide humanitarian assistance when required instead of operating under a restricted mandate of crisis and emergency based responses. As a national actor in the humanitarian sphere the Humanitarian Assistance Unit aims to be accessible to all beneficiaries who are in need of help, at the time in which they require it.