Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Specialized paper emphasizes the importance of strengthening school-parent communication

The full integration of accountability in the learning process and the reinforcement of communication between all stakeholders are the essential requirements for an effective educational system. From this point, all stakeholders should bear a collective responsibility to achieve all these goals. The paper also emphasized on the necessity of finding the connections between accountability and governance within the learning process, that is indicated by the recognition of the need to empower local society to take part in the learning process which will lead to a more conscious approach to reform the educational system in Jordan.
Furthermore, the paper recommended the importance of fostering the principles of citizenship at all stages of learning process to state the importance of the role of citizens in pushing the wheel of positive change, sustaining the development process and fostering accountability and ownership. As it also encouraged to the unification of the current initiatives to train and build the capacity of the teachers, and also develop new methods for hiring and following up the teachers performance along with a clear track of probation and awarding.

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