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الموقع تحت الإنشاء

النسخة التجريبية من موقع النهضة العربية (أرض)

Statement by MARF on the Increasingly Dangerous Situation of Refugees in the Middle East and North Africa


We, The Migration and Refugee Forum for the Arab World (MARFA) are deeply alarmed by the escalating dangers refugees face in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. We are witnessing concerning developments that are exacerbating the already precarious socio-political and economic conditions that refugees have already been facing for years, exposing them to heightened risks of violence, exploitation, and xenophobia.

In many host countries, refugees are increasingly becoming scapegoats for broader societal issues, resulting in dangerous episodes of discrimination, marginalization, and even direct attacks. Host communities have historically made significant efforts to provide refuge, support, and social cohesion to the several waves of refugee populations that have cyclically sought protection in many MENA countries. Yet, the current economic crisis, the lack of consistent political and financial support for host countries by third parties, as well as the political paralysis in the region – with countries of origin still tormented by conflicts or unable to reach the necessary political and socio-economic stability that could favor voluntary repatriation- are significantly worsening the condition of refugees, making their life and status precarious. Social exclusion, hate speech disseminated through social media campaigns, and attacks on the privacy of refugees are leaving many in a state of constant fear and insecurity. These acts of intolerance are not only morally reprehensible but also contravene international human rights standards.

Compounding this crisis, the cut to funds guaranteeing refugees decent standards of life -the last but not the only one, being cut at WFP- and assuring financial support to host countries in their efforts to provide services and support to the vulnerable population, in a prolonged political and economic instability in the region, has further undermined the protection of refugees. Restrictive policies and arbitrary detention are alarmingly common, denying refugees their basic rights and jeopardizing their safety.

The international community has a critical role to play in addressing this crisis that is not just humanitarian, but political, and requires the consistent and decisive commitments of all actors to restore regional stability guaranteeing a durable, just solution for the refugee population. We cannot isolate the analysis of current tension in the MENA region and the dangerous worsening of refugee social and legal conditions, from the political developments in Europe and the implementation in some EU states, of discriminatory migration policies and practices that do not comply with international obligations and have included pushbacks at borders and the externalization of asylum procedures. These policies have raised serious concerns and contributed to the escalation of tensions in host countries on the other side of the Mediterranean.

We call on the international community to take immediate and decisive action to protect refugees and ensure their safety. This includes providing adequate resources to support host countries in the MENA region, ensuring fair and efficient asylum processes, exerting diplomatic pressure on all concerned actors and host countries to honor their commitments under international or bilateral treaties, and acknowledging the root causes of displacement. It is imperative to address the root causes of refugee crises in the region through all the necessary political and economic steps to assure long-term, sustainable peace in countries of origin. This is central to guaranteeing a safe environment for allowing voluntary return to refugees and finally providing political and economic stability to the region and all its communities, to avoid the spark of further crisis and cycles of forced displacement.  A future of security, well-being, and political and economic cohesion should be guaranteed to host communities and refugees regardless of their status.

We call for a serious commitment to finding durable solutions for refugees. This includes expanding resettlement programs, supporting voluntary repatriation where safe and feasible, and enhancing local integration opportunities in host countries. Sustainable solutions require long-term investment and collaboration among governments, international organizations, and civil society.

The plight of refugees in the MENA region is a collective responsibility. We must all work together to create a safer and more inclusive environment for those who have been forced to flee their homes. Now, more than ever, we need solidarity, compassion, and concrete action to uphold the rights and dignity of refugees everywhere.

Let us stand united to ensure that the commitment to human rights and the protection of vulnerable populations can be prioritized by all concerned parties, putting political considerations and strategies at the service of the people, toward a world where everyone, regardless of their status, can live in safety and dignity.


The Migration and Refugee Forum for the Arab World (MARFA) is an independent network of Arab academics, human rights activists, and lawyers that emerged as part of ARDD efforts, in response to the dire need for a collective approach to championing the rights of migrants and refugees and raising awareness about related pressing issues in the region, including statelessness and the Arab diaspora.