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Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

“Silent Women” – ARDD Launched its Report on Harassment in the Workplace

Sunday, November 25, 2018
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“Silent Women” - An ARDD Report on Harassment in the Workplace On the occasion of the “16 days of Activism against Gender Based Violence”(25 Nov to 10 December 2018), ARDD holds a press conference on 22nd November to present the findings of its Report on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, untitled “Silent Women”. The report was prepared within the context of the Project “Women Access to Economic Justice through Legal Empowerment”, funded by the Ford Foundation. The UN theme for this year’s 16 Days of Activism is: “Orange the World: #HearMeToo”. The Global Theme in Jordan is devoted to “Harassment in the Workplace”. In this global context, ARDD, an Organization with a long commitment and expertise on combatting GBV and promoting Gender Equality, has chosen to “hear the voices” of women at the work place and hence to bring to light an widely under-reported form of Violence against Women: the Sexual Harassment they face at the Work Place. The report “Silent Women” that is being launched today reflects, , the voices of those “silent women”. In order to prepare the Report, ARDD collected data from 3077 Legal consultations on workplace practices (1466 Jordanian and 1611 Syrian refugee) women and girls. And 861 legal cases were handled for (265 Jordanian and 596 Syrian refugee women and girls). In addition; around 400 women were engaged in the survey, of all ages and backgrounds, including some of the most vulnerable Syrian refugee and host community women (approximately 50% of the persons surveyed were Syrian refugees). In parallel, ARDD heard the voices of as employers (13) company representatives were consulted on what they know about sexual harassment and on what they do to prevent and address sexual harassment. The report also takes stokes of the existing legislation in Jordan and its current gaps and provides a full set of recommendations. The report states that sexual harassment in Jordan widely remains to-date a hidden phenomenon. It is time, to end the stigmatization of women victims of sexual harassment and for all actors, government, International and Civil Society Organizations, to hear the voices of those women and work together to ensure to all of them, including the most vulnerable, a safe work place, freed from any form of harassment. The Report intends to be the trigger for that highly needed change. ARDD has a strong commitment to Gender Equality, through access to justice, including towards the most vulnerable segment of society and shall continue its cohesive efforts and to contribute, collectively with its International and National Partners to achieve the SDG goals.