Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

SLI Phase 4: Negotiations and Problem Solving

Louise Julin

Negotiations and problem-solving were the focus as the Syrian Lawyer’s Initiative (SLI) kicked off its fourth phase. Taking place from March 30th - April 2nd in the Amman Sham Hotel, the workshop aimed to demonstrate how to better approach, analyze and solve issues using negotiating and problem-solving skills. The four-day workshop combined lectures with practical activities to allow the participants to explore each subject's theoretical aspects alongside real-life situations.

This approach goes hand-in-hand with our overall objective: that participating lawyers will use the acquired skills to better serve the Syrian refugee community in Jordan, as well as in a future Syrian civil society. Encouraging dialogue, reconciliation, and cooperation is especially relevant when responding to the Syrian refugee community's needs and will continue to be significant in rebuilding Syria. It is our hope that participating lawyers will be better equipped to play a key role in this process by implementing problem-solving and negotiation strategies learned through this workshop.  

“During these two days I learned how to analyze a problem and its causes, and to train myself on how to find suitable solutions and alternatives.” (Participating Lawyer)

The workshop facilitator particularly emphasized the importance of attitudes and how they impact problem-solving and negotiations.  He recommended using reasoning and creative thinking, and stressed the importance of keeping an open mind. Despite being strong-minded individuals with differing views, the participants welcomed the challenge and partook in all elements of the workshop with enthusiasm.

“I learned how to examine the personality and attitude of the other party in order to know what style of dialogue I should use while negotiating with him. “ (Participating Lawyer)

The next phase of SLI will take place in May, in partnership with the Norwegian Refugee Council, and will focus on housing, land and property rights.


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