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Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Voice: Life Goes On


A post from our Syrian citizen journalists, trained by the Voice project.

Rawan is like the sun of hope and of life; happiness mixed with sadness and pain. We don’t know if her story is one of running away from reality, or longing for some security and stability.

Rawan, one of our Syrian acquaintances in Jordan, invited us to her wedding to a Syrian man. The ceremony was strangely quiet; a wedding without any music, liveliness, or traditional dance. A wedding without any indication of happiness.

The women started whispering about Rawan’s story; she had come to Jordan with her injured husband whom she loved very much. But God’s will took him away from her and took away their loving marriage with it. Rawan’s situation is like that of many others who lost their spouses as the result of the crisis in Syria. As the days passed, Rawan got engaged to a Syrian man who lost his wife in the war.

I looked into their faces, but I couldn’t find any indications of happiness neither that of sadness. I couldn’t help but feel heavy when I glimpsed Rawan’s eyes filling up with tears, no doubt remembering her first marriage and the life that was taken away from her. She remembers her warm house and wonders about her unknown future. Perhaps this new marriage will come and help her overcome the past; for life goes on despite our hardships.

-Fatimah H.


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