Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Voice: Do We Stay in the Camps?


The day I arrived to Jordan was a Monday, six months ago. We arrived at the Bashabsheh Transit Center and I saw people from all over Syria. I used to feel that the center was like a prison, but it is only after I left did I discover the difference. The worst feeling is for a person to leave his country, home, and neighbors; and leave to a country where you know no one but yourself. When I was in the center I used to be miserable, but I didn’t know that being there was like being in Syria; there were people from Homs, Aleppo, Idlib, and Damascus; it’s like I was at home. I used to cry when my warranty was delayed but when I left I was affected emotionally because I knew no one on the outside. I used to spend the long hours alone until I met Jordanian friends who gave me emotional support day after day, and I promised myself that I would stay in Jordan until the pain of my country heals because the Jordanian people are kind and helpful and it is enough for me that they have welcomed us into their country.

- Iman


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