Voice: Victims of Displacement


A simple Syrian family living in Khaldiyyeh, they consist of two parents and their five daughters. They were living in extremely bad conditions until luck came upon them and a Saudi man decided to furnish their house. He returned a month later and donated a refrigerator and a washing machine, and in the third month when he returned he asked for one of the girls’ hand in marriage. Her parents didn’t know how to react; their daughter is only eighteen years old and the man is old enough to be her father, but being away from home creates great difficulties and needs. The girl’s mother had no choice but to tell her daughter and the girl accepted right away: ‘I accept this marriage for my sisters, my father, and for you. Look at my sisters, don’t they have the right to live like other girls their age? And look at my father and how his hair is graying and his back in bent from all the troubles he is facing. And look at yourself, mother, and how tired you are providing for us.’ With that the marriage was agreed upon, but it was not what the girl expected. Her husband comes for a week once a month, rents an apartment for her in Amman, and the rest of the month she spends with her family. What fault does this poor girl have, and what fault does her family have to become victims of displacement?

- Faizeh


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