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Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Voice: The One-Person Humanitarian Organization


A guest post from our Voice citizen journalists:

She is a friend to those in need, a refuge for the tired. People might get weary, but not her. If you wanted to imagine her all you have to do is think of values of determination and perseverance. Where she lives, she is a legend of dedication and unconditional love. When you imagine that, you have come close to knowing Eman K.

Eman, a Jordanian woman, has dedicated her life to voluntary work; giving her time and effort to help those in need and feeling war and destruction. Her journey started in 1991 when Iraqis came to Jordan as a result of the gulf war. Eman was the compassionate hand that supported them with food and care. She was a role model to those around her, and an example for her community. Eman elevated the participation in voluntary work in her city, to the extent that one NGO calls her “The one person humanitarian organization”.

Eman has a lot of good relationships with local and international NGOs that consider her a reference for reaching out to the community in Zarqa.

My testimony of her might be biased due to my relationship with her, but all you have to do is go and ask about the angel of humanitarian assistance in Zarqa, and people will point to ‘Um Tareq’.



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