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Voices of the Future


Three weeks ago, the “Pottery Jar” was the creativity project for our students. They excelled in it and drew and shared their jars with us, in which Shadi Ghawanmeh was able to teach them the principles of drawing and shading. He also taught them how to change some of the random curves and scattered drawings on the corners of their notebooks into simple and humble curves that express their ideas, personalities and inner thoughts. Below are the outcomes of the end of that day.

This wasn’t all that we did, as a lot of us are like locked boxes when it comes to expressing ourselves, therefore, the words of Haneen Al-Hawi were the key to unlocking these boxes and revealing their contents.

Her words helped a lot in allowing them to speak spontaneously and freely without fear or hesitation, using their innocent words. I would like to share with you the contents of one of those boxes: “Syria of Hope” by Amani Al-Qasem.

“Syria is an endless story, the land of Jasmine flowers, love, forgiveness and religions, but time has reflected people’s love to one another into an eternal war that won’t be over unless it finishes the people with it.

Buildings, schools, parks and streets used to be filled with people, but now it all went down to ruins. When I was in my country, I lived in the heart of it, but now that I am in alienation, it lives in my heart. I didn’t know how much it meant to me until I was forced away from it. Streets and stores were crowded with people, but now it is only demolished buildings.

During the month of Ramadan, families, friends and relatives gather around for breaking the Iftar and some of them go in the evenings for Eid shopping and drinking Licorice and Tamarind.

All Syrians didn’t know that this could happen in their county. However, this war is a nightmare that we wish to be rescued from.

There is no place in this whole world that is prettier or more incredible than Syria, but unfortunately, it is currently facing horrible times.

When will the Arabs wake up to help us out of our misery? I ask God to return Syria as safe and secure as it once was, for its people to go back to it, for the sun to rise again on its houses, for the water to rerun in its rivers, for the smiles to return to the faces of its mothers who lost their children and for the students to return to their schools and universities.

Last but not least, Syria is God’s heaven on Earth.”

This was not enough for us and we wanted to further fire-up the enthusiasm and wake-up our sleeping ambitions. This was granted through the use of the quote “I’m a shepherd and I built myself” in which Dr. Sana’ Abdo started her participation. She was able to attract our attention and maintain our complete focus, like a magnet, and was capable of sending us to a world of happiness and goals achievement. She planted in us the passion for success and engraved her fingerprints in our souls, urging us to reach the top.

Voices of the Future felt that Dr. Sana’ Abdo’s book, “My Way to Everest,” is the best prize to be given for the people who excelled in Voices of the Future project.


Weeks have passed and the creative participants have shared with us their experiences and successes and lit for us the candles of the future.


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