Syrians, Fraud and Forgery in Jordan

ARDD-Legal Aid

Of the countless trends ARDD-LA has seen develop over the last three years, few trends have been more alarming than the increasingly high rates of exploitation Syrians now routinely face in Jordan. The attached report, the Fraud Report, evidences the rising incidence of illegal exploitation, the ways in which the most common scams occur, and, ultimately, the costs to Syrians – who, all too often, already struggle to meet their daily needs.

The Fraud Report is also essential for its characterization of the primary culprits of the problem: namely, the rampant uncertainty and misinformation that exist within Syrian communities, and among many service providers, with respect to the very local legal policies and processes upon which Syrians inevitably must rely for their personal security and livelihoods.   

Developing the Fraud Report was one critical step toward addressing some of the greatest threats to the protection of Syrian refugees living in Jordan, particularly in urban settings. But, as the recommendations of the Fraud Report make clear, it was only the first step. Much more can, and must, be done. 

You can download the report (available in English only) here: