Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Think Twice Campaign...Wrap Up

ARDD-Legal Aid

ARDD-Legal Aid concluded its "Think Twice" campaign, which was initiated as part of "Women's Access to Justice" project, by conducting awareness raising sessions spanning over three consecutive days starting from Tuesday 5/8/2014 until Thursday 7/8/2014 in Amman and Zarqa. The sessions covered various aspects related to gender based violence (GBV), targeting beneficiaries from diverse categories of society.


The sessions of the first and second day were held in Amman, in which the first day contained an awareness session conducted by the psychosocial support unit and was presented by Dr. Lina Darras, followed by a communication and self-assurance training presented by the capacity building unit manager; Dr. Sana Abdo, while the sessions of the second day were presented by Mr. Bassam Al-Dmoor from the legal department at the organization, the uniqueness of the day was realized through the hosting of Dr. Abeer Dababneh; the director of The Center for Women Studies at the University of Jordan in which she shared valuable information with the audience regarding GBV.


As for the third day, it was held in Zarqa and included all the topics that were raised in the first two days in which the legal department started with the importance of legal empowerment, followed by Dr. Lina Darras for the psychosocial support section, and finally, the communication and self-assertiveness training by Dr. Sana Abdo.


The performance delivered by all the organization's units was excellent in which it lead to an optimum coverage of the topic, which was met by the audience's admiration evident through their interaction throughout the sessions. The organization's team responded to all the audience's questions, where the audience was eager for such sessions and had a lot of questions and inquiries. It is worth mentioning that the audience expressed their gratitude for the organization and requested similar sessions to be held in order to target the highest number and widest range of people.