ARDD-Legal Aid

United Nations Office: Beirut, Lebanon -- ARDD-Legal Aid was invited by the Women’s Center at the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) to participate in the expert meeting on: Arabic Women Rights to Access Justice: From Ratification to Implementation of International Human Rights Agreements.


ARDD-Legal Aid spoke about the importance in emphasizing disadvantaged groups (refugees, migrants) of women as a sub-category of Arab women/women in the Arab world. As a legal empowerment provider to vulnerable persons, ARDD-Legal Aid encounters and is challenged every day by the multiple barriers faced by vulnerable women living in Jordan. ARDD-Legal Aid strongly believes that further focus on the challenges facing this category of women will greatly improve these at risk groups’ position in society.


In addition to this, ARDD-Legal Aid discussed the lack of “legal literacy” in achieving women’s access to justice and the importance of psychosocial support to make this possible. Psychosocial support is what needs to come first, before an education of legal rights, so that women first regain a sense of worth in order to claim their rights. Throughout many of ARDD-Legal Aid’s programs, it has been seen that increasing legal rights literacy is considerably more effective when supplemented with psychosocial support.


Given the current geopolitical circumstances of the region, ARDD-Legal Aid continues to emphasize the importance of detailed analysis on women in conflict and post-conflict situations. Within the current context of the region, more focus of the increased challenges in access justice is necessary due to the difficulty in achieving this in times of conflict.


ARDD-Legal Aid was very thankful to be included in this meeting and looks forward to collaborating with ESCWA in future projects.