Exemption of Fines to Register Marriages Campaign

ARDD-Legal Aid

A recent change, which will impact countless Syrians in Jordan, highlights one example of how legal advocacy can lead to tangible results. Take this into consideration:

For many reasons, including cultural differences, Syrian refugees in Jordan have often failed to register their marriages with state authorities. The result has been a host of legal challenges. For instance, while unlawfully married under state law, Syrian parents are unable to acquire identity documents for their children, which hinders their ability to access critical services,like healthcare and education,and raises deeply troubling issues of statelessness. Normally resolving the problem includes, among other hurdles, paying a penalty of 1,000 JOD.  

ARDD-LA and the UNHCR highlighted the issue of statelessness and advocated for waiver of the fees, such that, for a limited time, Syrians could register their marriages and gain recognition for their children. As the result of these efforts, including months of work, the Jordanian Government agreed. Now, for the reminder of the year, Syrians can register their marriages in the absence of prohibitive fines. As a result, countless families will benefit from increased access to critical services while in Jordan and, more importantly, to the documents that someday will facilitate their return home."