Media & Advocacy Unit




“To inform beneficiaries, the public, donors, stakeholders and the organization itself about the work of ARDD-Legal Aid and disseminate information about rights and services to the public. To facilitate all of ARDD-Legal Aid’s communications, both internally and externally, and represent the organization’s mission and goals and to mobilize the public and have their stories heard”

What We Do:

 The Media Unit works in collaboration with all units to assist in spreading information and news about ARDD-Legal Aid both nationally and internationally.  The Media Unit also plays a key role in ensuring that both beneficiaries and affiliate organizations are aware of the work and messages that we work to spread.

Key Messages:

INDUCE CHANGE: The Media and Advocacy generates coverage that targets and informs decision makers and stakeholders, mobilizes the public and tells stories of vulnerable people.

EXPAND: Respond to the evolving media culture of which social media is an integral part.

MAXIMIZE REACH: Utilize various types of media channels and platforms to maximize the reach to target audience.

NETWORK: Build and maintain strong relations with national, regional and international media outlets and journalists.

Making the Change

We understand the role of media in making change and operate according to a set of standards that interactively represent ARDD-Legal Aid and safeguard the organization’s reputation. The Unit supports all other units and departments within ARDD-Legal Aid for the purpose of achieving the Organizations’ aims and empower it to live up to all expectations.

AIM: Our broader aim is to be innovative, responsive, and informative, therefore members of the Unit are continuously looking for new ways and methods to get our messages out and reach more audience through utilizing available resources and the support of our partners.