Litigation and Consultation Unit

Legal Assistance



One of the main mechanisms of increasing access to justice is through services in the areas of litigation and consultation. We provide legal consultations in order that beneficiaries can pursue their legal matters in court. Our work is inclusive of sending the necessary legal documents to official institutions, providing mediation services and clarifying relevant procedures in the process. Moreover our team of experienced lawyers provides legal representation for beneficiaries before courts and official departments for different matters at various stages of litigation, including appeals and cessations.

ARDD-Legal Aid uses thorough criteria to identify and serve the most vulnerable beneficiaries. However although we have a criterion that is to be met in order to obtain representation, we ensure that it does not in any way limit access to justice. We enable access to justice through representation and consultation beyond the criteria, from human rights violations occurring on an international scale, to representing a local member of the youth who was involved in a street fight. Whilst we provide legal service through a needs based litigation system, our ultimate goal is to ensure representation of all vulnerable people.

The Legal Aid Team also engages in Public Interest Law ensuring that legal matters considered important and significant to the community are bought forth to the attention of the justice system, as one of our main beneficiaries is the community and its interests that we serve. Once we take up a case, we pursue it until its conclusion.