Ead B’ead Project

Democracy and Governance

“Ead B’ead”, which means “hand in hand” in English, aims to promote issue-based politics that addresses issues of concern to the community at-large. In other words, changing the decision-making process to one where both men and women have say in the process of identifying community priorities. “Ead B’ead” is a project that brings back women and women’s rights to the public sphere in the governorate of Karak.

The project engages local societal actors (local media, women’s associations and university students) in learning and actively contributing to furthering awareness about women’s rights and roles in society with the purpose of increasing meaningful women’s political participation at the municipal and governorate levels. “Ead B’ead” addresses the current gap between institutional initiatives and reforms aiming at providing women with opportunities for political participation at the municipal and governorate level (i.e. quota system) and the realities on the ground that voids women’s participation of meaningful significance. “Ead B’ead” evidence-based program as well as future policy to address local needs.

To participate in the project, please download the attached applications form, fill it, and return it to the following email address: hsarayrah@ardd-legalaid.org