Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Bright memories of my first day with the Psychosocial Support Unit Team

Tasneem Ismail

When conflicts occur, anger leaves many bleeding hearts. People begin to lose their material and immaterial properties as they are separated from friends and relatives. This pain then manifests itself in various forms such as sorrow, grief, anger, frustration and psychological stress.

At this point the urgent need for psychosocial support appears to revive the people’s bleeding hearts and liberate them from the feeling of loneliness. The provision of psychological support to groups of people that have survived conflicts aims at conveying a message that says: "You are not alone, there are people who can care for you, who feel your pain, and who want to provide you with assistance and support!" ARDD-Legal Aid is a Jordanian non-governmental organization that aims to make human life better, by promoting human rights, of which one of the most important is the right to feel safe and psychologically comfortable. Stemming from their humanitarian commitment, the Psychosocial Support Unit of ARDD-Legal Aid delivers educative lectures to mitigate the psychological pressures to a group of Iraqi refugees residing in churches of Madaba. Dr. Lina Darras, the psychosocial unit’s team leader, delivers these lectures in an interactive way. This then encourages the participants to share their pains and burdens and to express the psychological pressures they face due to the harsh circumstances that they have lived through. With a mix of tears and smiles, the participants expressed their appreciation to ARDD Legal Aid, for its support in alleviating their suffering and many participants demonstrated a significant interest in continuing these sessions..