ARDD - Legal Aid attends UN Women Regional Training on "UN Security Council resolution 1325 and the Women, Peace and Security Agenda: Translating Theory to Practice in the Arab States

Media Unit

ARDD – Legal Aid participated in UN Women’s regional training under the title “UN Security Council resolution 1325 and the Women, Peace and Security Agenda: Translating Theory to Practice in the Arab States.”

The complex conflicts have recently become a stigma for the current state of being of Arab states. Regardless of it being a result of a prolonged crisis, or inherent decrepitude; instability and political uncertainty remain t. Caught in the eye of the storm, Arab women and civil society are strung out from any inclusive process involving them. All of the previous, coupled with the rising tide of extremism, contributes to more complex scenery of the peace and security challenges confronting the region.

In light of the increasing acknowledgment of the relevance and exigency for employing the global normative framework on women, peace and security; there remains a gap between the theory and practice. The grandest depiction of this gap is the absence of significant improvement on Arab women and girls trapped in conflict and crisis settings. Although, the recently endorsed UN Women-League of Arab States Strategy on Women, Peace and Security and Cairo declaration which resulted in a drastic change on the normative policy level that up until this very moment has not been translated into a reality.

Hence all the above, the regional training on 1325 and the WPS Agenda held by UN Women, attempted to fill the gap in implementation of the WPS agenda. The specific objectives of the training were to enhance the capacity of civil society to (1) convene women’s civil society from across the region with experts to discuss the gendered impacts of the peace and security situation, (2) identify proposals for responding to these challenges, (3) strengthen civil society actors’ capacities to apply the WPS normative framework.

Since its inception, ARDD – Legal Aid fought relentlessly to achieve justice for women in Jordan and across the region. Through its various projects addressing women’s issues in Jordan, ARDD – Legal aid gained a great deal of first-hand experience from working directly on grassroots level. Being in this training, ARDD – Legal Aid had the chance to enhance its capacity in utilising the WPS agenda to develop context-specific strategies and implement them in its projects. ARDD – Legal Aid, through this platform, was also able to communicate with all participants who are representatives of civil society organisations in the region and share with them knowledge and experience in negotiating and advocacy skills, local peace building, and decision making in all encompassing aspects of the peace and security processes.