Women's Access to Justice: Zarqa CBO Workshop

ARDD-Legal Aid

On April 1st, 2015 ARDD – Legal Aid’s office in Zarqa, the Women’s Access to Justice (WAJ) team met with six Community Based Organizations (CBOs) that work on empowering women in Zarqa; as part of a CBO Workshop for the WAJ project. The aim of this meeting was to introduce these organizations to the second phase of the WAJ project and get their feedback on the central issues obstructing women empowerment in Zarqa. ARDD-Legal Aid conducted a focus group with these CBOs to better understand the obstacles and challenges that these organizations face in achieving their objectives for women empowerment. The areas highlighted were; the culture of shame (Aib), the lack of awareness of the law, unaware of rights women are entitled to and the difficulty of mobilizing the community to make sustainable change. The discussion stressed the areas of inheritance and employment as fields in which women face high levels of discrimination. Combating discrimination in inheritance and employment is of particular importance since it restricts women’s access to resources, which limit their ability to act independently and their ability to make their own life choices. Participating CBO representatives expressed the need for further awareness sessions in order to assist in empowering women socially and economically. They also expressed their interest in further cooperating in achieving women’s access to justice in Jordan. 


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