Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Ensuring Jordanian and Syrian children's access to education

About the Education for the Future project

‘Education for the Future’ aims to promote quality education to Syrian refugee children and Jordanian children, within the context of formal basic education in Jordan. This is to be achieved through the creation of positive learning environments and processes conducive to ensuring enrollment, attendance, and quality learning.

Why Education? 

Providing the best learning environment and building effective partnerships between communities, parents, and schools are considered very important factors that influence enrollment and attendance in schools. Within this context, ARDD is implementing the “Education for the Future: Communities of Learning among Syrians and Jordanians in Host Communities” project in partnership with the research foundation Fafo and funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This project is to be implemented with the aim of promoting and protecting human rights through the creation of positive learning environments and quality education for Jordanian and Syrian refugee school-aged children. 

A  Multi-tier Approach: Action Research, Formulation of Tools and Community Mobilization

Fafo, is an independent and multidisciplinary research foundation that works on domestic matters within the Norwegian context as well on a larger international scale. Fafo focuses on social welfare and trade policy, labor and living conditions, public health, migration and integration, and transnational security and development issues. Through the amalgamation of Fafo’s strong research and analysis expertise and ARDD’s expertise and experience in the protection and promotion of human rights, community mobilization and civic engagement, this project aims to contribute towards the enhancement of quality primary school education through an evidence based approach. The project is mapping current barriers which are preventing Syrian and Jordanian school-aged children from accessing basic opportunities in formal education. The project will be implemented in coordination with the Ministry of Education as well as with the local and international actors who are currently actively working in the education sector.

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