Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Visualizing Information

ARDD-Legal Aid

Most of us our visual people. It is hard to look at a document or a report and immediately visualize the impact and importance of those numbers. We often ask ourselves as an organization, how do we best share our information and communicate the numbers and statistics that inform the work that we do. Not a day goes by at ARDD-Legal Aid without extensive researching and reporting, it is how we identify and back up the work that our projects seek to accomplish. It helps us answer a variety of questions and leads us to ask more. So how do we then share this information to show communicate its importance? Sharing a report that we find interesting on our various media platforms works but it is even more effective when we extract the data and let the viewer visualize it in the form of an infograph.

Infographs allow anyone to look at data and see its visual representation, it allows people to see what could be complex information in a simple and clear manner.  ARDD-Legal Aid has used infographs to display and communicate our work for a quite some time. We have taken complex issues such as honor crimes, early marriage, women’s participation in the labor market, and political participation and communicated it through infographs. This has been shared in the form of posters, flyers, and banners to share this information at different events and on our various online platforms such as facebook, twitter and our website. When we do this, people can see the information in front of them in an appealing and catchy way making it easier to understand.

ARDD-Legal Aid is always eager to share our work with others and for this reason, the Media Unit was able to give a training to another like minded organization, Jordan’s Higher Population Council (HPC). The HPC in Jordan serves “as the reference for all matters of population  and information related to development to facilitate setting policies, strategies and action plans and monitor and evaluate their execution in addition to lobbying and deploying awareness about them and reinforcing national capabilities in this area in coordination with partners and concerned entities.”

The Higher Population Council produces an incredible amount of information to accomplish their mission and ARDD-Legal Aid frequently references this data in our work. It is through this connection that ARDD-Legal Aid gave the training focused on the creation of infographs to help the HPC display their work in a visually appealing way.

Partnerships between Jordanian civil society organizations such as the Higher Population Council  and ARDD-Legal Aid are of high importance. Cooperation and collaboration between organizations that share similar goals help to increase what these organizations can do and trainings such as ARDD-Legal Aid’s Training with the HPC works to do just that.

Together, the Higher Population Council, ARDD-Legal Aid and other Jordanian Civil Society Organizations can work to raise awareness of the work that they do and the issues that face those residing in Jordan using a variety of tools. Infographs are just one way to do this and it is a start, a way to help others visualize information that might have an impact on their lives.