Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Personal Empowerment

ARDD-Legal Aid

The Lana Project, meaning “ours” in English, aims to encourage people of all genders to reject gender-based discrimination and wants to contribute to a more equitable, non-violent and democratic society in the MENA region. Personal empowerment is one of the five challenges that are at the core of the Lana Project.ARDD-Legal Aid was selected to implement the project in Jordan.

Female personal empowerment is not only beneficial to the individual, but also to her family and community. The effectson the economy, governance and well-being of children are particularly pronounced.Unfortunately, Jordan has a long way to go in terms of achievingfull economic, academic and political empowerment for women.

As the percentage of working women increases and the gender gap in the labour market declines, economic growth tends to speed up according to UN Women. Furthermore, a study by McKinsey & Company has shown that companies placing women in leadership roles, attain higher organizational effectiveness. In Jordan, however, the percentage of women who participate in the labor force today is quite low—22% compared to 87% of men.

Similarly, an increase in women’s educational attainment also leads to greater economic growth as well as maternal health. A UN Women study showed that with each additional year of education for women at reproductive age, child mortality decreases by 9.5%.

Currently, only 12% of the Jordanian parliament is made up by women according to the World Bank. Their participation is mainly due to the quota system that was put in place to secure a female presence in politics.

Empowerment can also take place at home and strengthens the family. In households where women control a bigger portion of the income, spending patterns tend to focus more on the children’s needs according to UN Women.


1 – Female personal empowerment benefits women, family units and the economy.

2 – Women in leadership positions aid companies by strengthening organizational efficacy.

3–When women control family finances, the budget is often allocated in a way that is more beneficial to the children.

ARDD-Legal Aid is honored to act as the implementing organization of the Lana project in Jordan, since a gender-sensitive approach is maintained throughout all of our work. Our expertise and experience with gender issues in Jordan, allows us to ensure that the challenge of personal empowerment is approached with the utmost respect through professional practices and techniques.


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