Empowering Each Other Project in the Za’atari Camp (Phase II)

Democracy and Governance

Building on the great success of the previously implemented six-month program “Civic Engagement Project in the Za’atari Refugee Camp”, and recognizing the new needs and opportunities that have since arose, Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development (ARDD) – Legal Aid will start the implementation of the project “Empowering each other.” Throughout its implementation, the project seeks to achieve the following:

1) Expand on civic engagement and community mobilization by providing in-depth training to men and women in the UN Women Oasis in Za’atari camp with the objective of empowering them for transformative civic engagement among their communities.

The program will provide beneficiaries with an increased understanding of what civic engagement is and how they can become actively involved in solving issues within their communities.  The training is composed of eight topics that will provide approximately 50 men and women living in the Za’atari refugee camp with practical tools and guidance, which seek to empower the participants to identify issues within their own communities and how to take action.  Moreover, the project will also enable the participants to put theory into practice through civic engagement initiatives developed by the women’s groups. While concurrently working with men on gender roles and how to support women in their initiatives provides good results to the community.

2) Sexual and Gender-based violence (SGBV) prevention workshop with 200 Syrian refugee men and youth.

The effects of the Syrian crisis have led to the deterioration of the psychosocial well-being of men.  Moreover, some men in Za’atari camp have stated that they have little access to general information about camp services, relying primarily on women who more often have better access to services. In particular, despite significant needs, men have little access to psychosocial services, and have limited opportunities to openly discuss the issues they are facing in a safe environment. Not having the space to talk about problems has serious implications on the psychosocial well-being of men, and can lead to increased tensions and violence within the home and the community at-large.  Based on this information, Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development (ARDD) – Legal Aid will implement a program aimed at engaging men through psychosocial and peer-to-peer support.

These sessions will focus on providing a space for men to talk about the issues affecting them, while concurrently raising awareness of SGBV.  Each group will receive a total of two sessions. The first session will be a psychosocial support session, followed by an awareness raising session on SGBV and the role of men in preventing SGBV. Each session will be led by ARDD-Legal Aid’s qualified psychosocial support Team Leader who has vast experience conducting psychosocial support and SGBV awareness raising sessions, particularly with refugee beneficiaries. 

3) Knowledge generation through producing a report detailing best practices on working with men and boys within the context of the Za’atari Refugee camp.

4) Trainings for UN Women Voluntary Protection Network

The project is implemented in the Za’atari Refugee camp by ARDD-Legal Aid in partnership with UN Women starting September 2015 and until February 2015.