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About the You Have a Chance project

After fifteen years of difficult marriage, Fatimah was at her breaking point. Her husband would routinely leave the home for several weeks at a time without telling where he was going or when he would return. Often he would leave without providing her or the children any financial support. And when he did return he was abusive and blamed Fatimah for all the family’s struggles. Her family could not afford to take her back and advised her to stay with her husband. Fatimah was isolated, demoralized and seemingly without a way forward. She needed someone help give her a chance. Unfortunately, cases like Fatimah’s are an all too familiar occurrence for vulnerable women in Jordan and across the World. Women do not need to suffer in silence rather they can take a chance.

ARDD is pleased to announce the launching of the 'You Have a Chance' project funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Jordan. Building off nearly a decade of work empowering vulnerable women ARDD seeks to expand its outreach to women across the Kingdom. 'You Have a Chance' is a two year project, which lays the foundation for a comprehensive approach to women’s empowerment in the governorates of Amman, Aqaba and Balqa. The project’s overall goal seeks to enable Jordanian women and girls to live fulfilling lives free from violence with full access to their rights. To achieve this goal the project takes a comprehensive approach by fostering change within individual women to enable them to communicate with their community and the institutions tasked with ensuring their rights. The 'You Have a Chance' project makes this change by providing vulnerable women opportunities through four distinct services: legal empowerment, psychosocial services, economic empowerment and building gender sensitivity of lawyers.    

Early on ARDD identified a massive gap between the knowledge among vulnerable communities and the rights they were entitled to. This gap was most pronounced among women where some women find themselves subject to coercion by inaccurate information or outright manipulation of the law. Legal empowerment sessions strengthen knowledge of rights, which is the first step to claiming justice and dignity.  

Awareness alone is not enough to ensure that women can access justice. There are many barriers that prevent women from accessing their rights such as the financial cost of going to court. Often intense social pressure and psychological barriers prevent women from seeking outside help in the first place. This pressure is fueled by the fear of social stigmatization and the threat of being ostracized from the community.

Through the ‘You Have a Chance’ project, ARDD will focus on empowering women both economically and legally as well as increasing their resilience through psychosocial support. In addition to this, the project seeks to increase the gender sensitivity of justice providers.

Supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. 

Area of work:
Economic Empowerment
Legal Empowerment

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