Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Swedish Delegation and ARDD discuss UNSCR (1325)

Hani Okasheh

“If we had a word, this war would have never happened! I want to be empowered so I can take decisions on my own and enforce my rights, I want my daughter to be able to make decisions in politics in the future, because I’m if women can make political decisions wars will not happen” said Haya, a Syrian refugee and one of ARDD’s beneficiaries.

A Swedish delegation comprised of the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Swedish International Development Agency, and the Swedish Embassy in Amman; visited ARDD’s community centre in Zarqa to meet with a group of the organisation’s beneficiaries from various projects.

The meeting covered various issues related to women’s empowerment and involvement in peace and security in the context of UNSCR (1325). The group of beneficiaries was comprised of Jordanians, Syrians, and Iraqi’s from various age groups, who came to speak with the visiting delegation regarding women’s role and status in the community, tackling both the challenges and opportunities they face within their communities.

Many key issues relating to women’s status in their communities were raised, such as economic barriers, lack of legal awareness, lack of agency, as well as the overall perception of women’s role in the society.

Participants also spoke about their experience working with ARDD in programmes such as Voices, Women’s Access to Justice, Lana Project, And the Syrian Lawyers’ Initiative. “growing up in a village, I had a limited perception of women’s role in the community, but as I got involved in the Lana project, I realised that women’s role in the community is not limited to prevalent stereotypes, but rather an expansive and dynamic role that is by no means less important than that of men” said Abdulrahman, one of the Lana project’s change makers.

Participants in the meeting called for more action on the ground and an all-inclusive approach to foster women and engagement in society ultimately enabling them to partake greater role in the decision making process; leading to further their contribution to the holistic advancement of society.