Political & Civic Participation Unit

Democracy & Governance



“To increase political participation and civic engagement in both the public and private spheres, especially for poorer and marginalized groups, in order to help build a community in which all members are active participants of a thriving civil society

Why We Exist:

Political participation must be understood away from the lens of politics itself but rather the role it can play in the private sphere, especially with regards to civic engagement. The underlying goal is to promote the participation and empowerment of community individuals, with a particular focus on women and other marginalized groups.

Mandate: Increasing the political participation and civic engagement of communities through various projects that promote the necessary requirements for developing and facilitating a civil society in which all members are active participants, in both the private and public spheres.

What We Do:

Approach:  Increasing the understanding of what political participation is amongst the community and demonstrating its accessibility by creating appropriate spaces and platforms, communities will feel empowered to be part of political change and participate in the building of civil society around them.

By conducting projects that identify and assist change makers, open forums and bring together groups of people with either the same ideas or problems, the PCP helps to pave the road for the development. This is achieved by strengthening a community whose participants build the civil society and the frameworks within which it operates. By building on human capital, the PCP ensures that its work and impact be sustainable for generations to come.

Good Governance:

The notion of good governance centers on the processes of making and implementing decisions. It does not deal directly with the decisions themselves but the mechanisms used to reach that decision, looking into issues of equitability, inclusion, accountability, effectiveness, efficiency and participation.

The principles of good governance and crucial to the work conducted by the PPC as increasing political participation and civic engagement are made possible through implementing good governance practices. A civil society filled with active participants is sustained through inclusive, effective and accessible decision-making processes.Thus the PPC in its various projects also has a focus on developingand promoting the necessary skills and resources required to integrate good governance practices into the foundations of civil society itself, through the use of human capital and empowering change makers.

Goals and Objectives:

Promoting human rights and democracy: Ensure that the promotion of human rights and democracy is weaved into the framework and execution of PCP projects.

Participation: Promote the idea that every member of the community should play a role in shaping the changes and developments their communities undergo in both a political and societal sense.

Empowerment: Of both individuals, especially women, and the communities to become active members of society and help implement changes they wish to see through their own voices and hands.

Building a Sense of Community: Effective and united civil society cannot be built without a strong sense of community amongst its members.

Promoting Gender Equality: In the public and private sphere as the current promotion of an active civil society with political participation from across the board is hindered by the disparities that exist between the genders.