Gift with a Message

The Gift with a Message project is implemented by the Psychosocial Support Unit (PSS) of ARDD-Legal Aid as a part of the Voice project funded by ECHO and the Irish Embassy in Jordan. This initiative works to counsel and then strengthen participants with a connected message that is emphasized in PSS sessions. The sessions that occur, work to build social cohesion and social networks between beneficiaries by providing a gift that leads to further understanding between one another.

Couples Counseling:  During a session on family cohesion and couples counseling, cakes were provided to families to be taken home and enjoyed together as a family. The message was to create and enhance a family positive atmosphere and focus on the importance of a good relationship between husbands and wife and the importance this has on cohesion with the greater family.

Iftar: During Ramadan, Jordanian and Syrian neighbors were invited to cook an Iftar dinner to share with one another. By working together and sharing recipes, families began to understand their similarities and host community tensions began to be alleviated. Following this session, social cohesion in these communities was increased as each participant understood the value and knowledge they could share with one another as humans.

Helping Children Cope: Parents were given small gifts to give their children. When giving these parents these gifts, the PSS team emphasized the importance of investing in  children and giving them the support they need to cope with difficult issues that they are facing.

Gender Based Violence:  During a PSS session on gender based violence, many women attended to discuss these difficult situations. A mirror was given to each woman as a symbol of inner beauty and to enhance self assertiveness and provide stress relief.  This session led to increased social networks as the women bonded and supported each other.