Know Her Rights

Development and Human Rights


Everyday women and girls in Jordan are subject to multiple forms of social, legal, and economic violence that often go unnoticed by large segments of the population. The widespread social acceptance of violence is compounded by ignorance regarding the legal system in Jordan and the possibilities it offers to combat it.  There is currently a massive neglect of issues related to Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) in Jordan, which leads to poor awareness about women’s rights among the general public and the inactive role of the government to consider it as a policy issue.  By popularizing a user-friendly toolkit, ARDD-Legal Aid aims at elevating the current debate regarding VAWG and to enhance awareness and sensitization across social actors in Jordan to create positive change in terms of attitudes towards VAWG and to promote for legislative changes.

Project Overview

Funded by the United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence against Women, the” Know Her Rights” Project will be implemented by ARDD-Legal Aid in Amman, Jordan for 2 years.  This project falls under ARDD-Legal Aid’s Gender Justice Unit and is part of the unit’s underlying goal of working towards fostering the full potential of all women, men, boys and girls; the unit also works to addresses the root causes of gender inequality among the populations we serve in Jordan and in the region.

The “Know Her Rights” Project seeks to facilitate a social environment that will better enable women and girls to live a life free from sexual and gender based violence in Jordan. Key civil social actors will be engaged by collectively identifying the most pressing priorities regarding VAWG in Jordan and jointly develop messages that will later be put together in a user friendly toolkit. This toolkit will be distributed to key social actors and frontline service providers to better inform on relevant laws and sensitize them against all forms of VAWG by identifying and highlighting the negative impacts of VAWG which then will lead to better awareness and improve implementation of laws and services to survivors of violence. 

To achieve this goal the project adopts a multi-level approach that incorporates consultations with a diverse group of stakeholders, the production of a tangible toolkit and evidence-based advocacy. Together these components enable ARDD-Legal Aid to engage with a diverse group of actors to address VAWG and will ensure wide-reaching and long-term impact.

This toolkit will aim to educate targeted stakeholders on multiple forms of violence against women and to sensitize about the impact of violence against women and girls.  This project will also include an advocacy component, in which the toolkit will be presented to wide range of actors with aim of engaging in joint advocacy for positive change. Ultimately, the project combines a tangible toolkit and advocacy initiatives, with the aim of engaging actors on multiple levels and creating long-term and sustainable impact on both a community and institutional level. 

Project Approach

This project will work with wide range of social actors in Jordan, with the aim of enhancing awareness about violence against women and girls and increasing sensitization of the different forms of violence faced by many women and girls. The consultative process for writing of the toolkit and subsequent advocacy component will specifically target: 

     A. Media actors (journalists, radio stations, TV stations), 
     B. Civil society actors (activists, CBOs), 
     C. Educators (teachers, university staff) 
     D. Relevant duty bearers and government agencies 

Together, these actors have significant public outreach and have the ability to influence societal norms and overall public policy.  By working to change perceptions and attitudes, ARDD-Legal Aid believes that targeted actors can play a significant role in promoting change both at community and institutional level with the ultimate goal of enhancing protection of women and girls against violence in all its forms.