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Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Become ‘change makers’ to achieve gender justice

About the Lana Project

The future is ours, participate in making it

‘Lana’,  meaning “Ours” in English, is a regional project implemented in Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan with the main objective being that women and men reject all forms of discrimination that give rise to gender inequality, and assist in contributing to a more equal, violence-free and democratic society in the MENA region. This project is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is led by Oxfam GB. ARDD is the Jordanian partner and is in charge of implementing the ‘Lana’ project in Zarqa and Amman over a period of two years. 



The ‘Lana’ project is expected to increase meaningful participation among citizens within the target communities. In particular, it focuses on how women can enhance their participation in the way decisions are made in their homes, the community and wider society (i.e. the public and private sphere) with the aim of promoting gender equality. In order to achieve this, the ‘Lana’ project employs a holistic approach with three core components which work parallel and concurrently.

Firstly, the ‘Lana’ project works to empower individuals who believe in gender justice to become ‘change makers’, through empowerment, training and peer support. The ‘change maker’ approach empowers individuals to transfer knowledge and change the perceptions and attitudes of their communities regarding gender equality and women’s decision making in the public and private sphere.

The second component of the project builds on relationships and alliances with key stakeholders and decision-makers in order to jointly work towards increased political participation amongst women and men in Jordan.

The third component of intervention is a network composed of men and women alliance members, decision makers and strategic change makers, known as the Apex Fora. The Apex Fora actively engages in joint advocacy strategies and actions for enhanced political participation among women and youth in Jordan.

The collaboration, interaction and joint actions between the three components of the project will lead to holistic and sustainable change in the different spheres of Jordanian society, utilizing the power of working collaboratively towards gender justice. 

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