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Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Building the capacities of aspiring lawyers

About the Lawyers of the Future project

ARDD had launched a new initiative called Lawyers of the Future, aiming at building the capacities of law students; who are the lawyers of the future in Jordan and combining the knowledge and skills they gain from their academic study with a professional and a practical experience before their graduation and while they are still students. This initiative came as an attempt by ARDD to raise awareness towards Human Rights principles and building a generation who is familiar with terms such as; Social Justice, Equality, Role of Law, Poverty alleviation, underprivileged and disadvantaged communities, Pro bono services, etc.

We are aiming to sensitize law students through this initiative with Human Rights principles and make them feel of the disadvantaged and deprived communities in Jordan and their needs, to make them realize that poverty should not stand in front of justice, and that access to justice should be affordable, achievable and accessible for all. Law students through this initiative are entitled to a comprehensive training programme that works on enhancing their skills in various legal fields, in addition to train them on Human Rights principles, and this training programme include:

1. Attending at least 10 interviews with the beneficiaries of ARDD programme in addition to observing how to draft pleas and arguments in order to file their cases immediately which aims at building practical knowledge and experience around the Legal Problems, Legal Advice from an experienced lawyer and learn how to employ legal texts while writing peals and legal reports. Should highlight that confidentiality and secrecy should be taken in to consideration while attending interviews.

2. Supervise the outcomes of at least one paper from the studies that are usually conducted by ARDD, translating documents, publishing and uploading them on ARDD's website, in order to practice the legal Arabic and English language, about the methods of research and how to conduct a legal study, learn attention to details and finally learn new legal terms in English.

3. Develop and add new information to ARDD's website in order to learn about new legal topics, to motivate them to be innovative and superior and finally to use the technology in the Legal Field.

4. Participate in preparing for and participating in the legal workshops that ARDD usually conducts aiming at building their presentation, evaluation and research skills. Also, motivate them to help in spreading the awareness towards legal issues in the disadvantaged areas and highlight their problems and finally help students in employing law within the Human Rights arena and providing pro bono services.

5. Help in innovating new techniques in spreading awareness and advocating for Legal Awareness through preparing and distributing legal brochures aiming at teaching them the use of different means of advocacy to eliminate legal literacy in Jordan.

Main outputs: 1. Prepare a report about the training that the student was entitled to. 2. Develop a legal research within the Human Rights and legal empowerment fields, translate and publish it on ِARDD's website. 3. Evaluate students in terms of commitment, production and interaction in coordination with their faculty.

Area of work:
Legal Empowerment