Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

You Have the Right (Al Haqq Ma'ak)

ARDD launched the “You Have the Right” project in partnership with Ma3mal 612 and with Street Theater, producing five films regarding human rights and citizenship issues. The project aimed to raise youth awareness on the following topics:

1. Participation in the elections

2. Fair trial

3. Freedom of Assembly

4. Rule of law

5. Tax

The project also aimed to promote positive dialogue among Jordanian youth, encouraging them to express their opinions and discuss different perspectives in order to find solutions. Consequently, it aimed to actively enhance the culture of citizenship and human rights.

The foundation has been screening the films on tour at universities and youth centers across the Kingdom, while also disseminating them through social media outlets. You can view the films by clicking on the links above.

Area of work:
Legal Empowerment

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