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الموقع تحت الإنشاء

النسخة التجريبية من موقع النهضة العربية (أرض)

Roadmap to Strengthening and Activating the Medical and Health Responsibility Law No. 25 of 2018


This policy roadmap provides an in-depth analysis of the key and contextual challenges facing the enforcement of the Medical and Health Liability Law No. 25 of 2018 in Jordan. In addition, it will present a set of recommendations and proposed actions to enhance enforcement and increase the effectiveness of the law.

The Policy Lab is a methodology that offers neutral spaces for dialogue and discussion by specialists, decision-makers and stakeholders on pressing political and social issues by harnessing previous evidence-based research on these issues.

The aim of the Jordanian policy lab was to provide a neutral space for dialogue to improve the current shortcomings of the Medical Liability Law.

This roadmap included Recommendations to develop and strengthen the implementation of the Medical and Health Liability Law No. 25 of 2018, in the following areas:

Recommendations Related to the Main Challenges within the Medical and Health Liability Law 

  • Recommendations related to the system for receiving complaints regarding error cases.
  • Recommendations related to the Higher Technical Committee.
  • Recommendations related to Medical and Health Standards.
  • Recommendations related to the Insurance Fund Against Medical and Health Liability Errors

Recommendations regarding environmental and contextual issues surrounding medical and health liability law

  • Recommendations related to Raising the Efficiency and Capabilities of Medical Service Providers.
  • Recommendations related to Raising Legal and Societal Awareness among Medical Services´ Recipients.
  • Recommendations related to Data and Statistics on the Reality of Medical Errors.
  • Recommendations related to Networking among Civil Society Institutions.
  • Recommendations related to mechanisms for resolving cases and complaints of medical errors.

This roadmap has been conceptualized and developed by a group of experts in the field who, in the context of a Policy Lab initiative led by Professor Rana Jawad, University of Birmingham, and Professor Rachel Forrester-Jones, Western University Canada, and ARDD, have volunteered their knowledge and time. The initiative has been funded by the Ford Foundation.