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Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

ARDD Concludes its Campaign “16 Days Activism against Gender Based Violence”

Monday, December 10, 2018

ARDD – concludes “16 Days Activism against Gender-Based Violence” campaign, that started  25 Nov and ends 10 December 2018. This campaign aligned with The Global Theme in “Orange the World: #HearMeToo” and the specific theme for Jordan “Gender-based violence at the work place”. ARDD, an Organization with a long commitment and expertise on combatting GBV and promoting Gender Equality, has chosen to “hear the voices” of women at the work place and hence to bring to light a widely under-reported form of Violence against Women: the “Sexual Harassment they face at the Work Place”.

A set of activities were implemented to address this hidden phenomenon:

First, ARDD held a press conference on 22nd November to present the findings of its Report on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, entitled “Silent Women”. The report was prepared within the context of the Project “Women Access to Economic Justice through Legal Empowerment”, funded by the Ford Foundation. The project aims to ensure women’s equal and safe access to the labour market and to enable employers in the private market to provide a safe working environment conducive for women within the existing legal framework in Jordan.


On November 26, ARDD’s CEO Samar Muhareb, was a key-note speaker in the World Food Program’s (WFP) during “16-Days of Activism” session on combating Gender-Based Violence (GBV). The session raised awareness about GBV in Jordan for Jordanians and Syrians, actions that have been taken to address GBV, the resources available to support victims of GBV, and what actions we can take to address this hidden issue. Drawing on ARDD’s recent report Silent Women, Samar spoke on the widely under-reported form of GBV in Jordan; sexual harassment in the workplace. She called to end stigmatisation surrounding female victims of sexual harassment, and emphasised the importance of listening to women to work together to ensure all of them, including the most vulnerable, have a safe place to work that is free from harassment



Secondly, a “Recipe Booklet for a Successful Business”  had been created as a complimentary part to the Ford Foundation project. Particularly, it enhances the project aim to increase the number of companies that exhibit an understanding of labour law regulations, work permit processes, and women's rights in Jordan, as well as expand participating companies’ capacity to promote gender inclusivity and implement gender-sensitive HR policies.  This recipe book aims to serve as a guideline for both upper level and HR management and provides simple recipes (tools and resources) for management to rely on in creating a safe, open, and gender-neutral work environment. How companies, not only must set gender-neutral internal policies, on a basic level, but it must also adequately implement its policies in practice.

 ARDD had conducted interviews with a number of local companies and organizations from the private sector, with the aim of providing them with the organization guide “Recipe Booklet for a Successful Business”.  Interviews were held with Business owners and companies’ managers in Amman and Al Mafraq, such as Tony &Guy Co., Bridge International for Academic Services, Al Jazira for Poultry Co. and Al Duweiri for Construction Co. In general, They perceived ARDD initiative in addressing Sexual Harassment in the workplace with gratitude. While some consider women at workplace should be legally empowered and encourage the booklet recommendations of the internal gender-based policies, As well as other procedures that guarantee justice for all. Others commented that women in Jordan had an adequate human rights.

Thirdly, ARDD  hosted The Syrian Lawyers Initiatives (SLI) members Tuesday 27th of November in light of the “16 Days of Activism” campaign for a round table discussion on the organization’s “Silent Women” report. Mrs. Samar Muhareb, ARDD’s CEO, and the advocate Mr. Rami Quweider, presented the content of the report, with an open discussion afterwards. The meeting aligns with ARDD’s commitment to the SLI’s capacity-building training program.

The Syrian lawyers Initiatives (SLI) is a capacity –building project which aims to provide Syrian lawyers in Jordan with the skills to better contribute to the protection of Syrian refugee communities in Jordan and to serve as active players in the development of a future Syrian civil society.

For most Syrian Lawyers, the report feasibility evoked some inquiries. The session debated many legal aspects of Syrian refugee women and the difficulties they face in reporting harassment in Jordan. ARDD encouraged them to report whenever difficult cases would emerge for legal support. Another discussion focused on the contrasting legal context of harassment back home in comparison to the different gender-based violence cases among Syrian refugees in Jordan.

In addition, ARDD ‘s legal aid held sixteen legal sessions on the subject of sexual harassment in different governorates of Jordan.

On the margin of these activities , ARDD legal, coordination and intern team participated in a Fair that include Bazaar organized In RAS AL Ain Amman by #SPEAKUP JO Fair in combating “Sexual Harassment”, which is organized by the members of the SGBV-SWG in Jordan.   JOFair presented along with ARDD joint efforts to end gender based violence affecting refugees and the wider community in Jordan. The participants were able to have copies of “The recipe Booklet for a successful business and “Silent Women” Report. Nonetheless, ARDD supported (GEMS) the products of both Local and refugees women organizations who displayed and sell their products.


Fourthly, Visits to Zaatari Camp came in light of the “16 Days Activism” and a follow-up on ARDD’s  SGBV training sessions titled “GBV Prevention in the Za’atari Camp: "He for She" Sessions for Men and Youth Concept Note”.  Empowering Each Other : Phase V project was being implemented in partnership with UN women. However, the collected testimonies and narratives reflected the positive outcome of ARDD SBGV training sessions last year. They demonstrated the implementation of HeForShe goals. It achieved highlighting attention to women harassment practices such , girls early marriages, verbal and non-verbal violence against women and girls, rights of girls to education.

To Sum up, ARDD’s activities and initiatives represent the organization commitment to the organization's objectives. it primarily focused on women access to justice, seeking to increase the participation of women in the labour force and to achieve gender equality in the workplace.  It aims to enable vulnerable women (including Syrian Refugees) in Jordan to secure access to the labour market and enhance their confidence in the Jordanian legal system if any of their rights are violated.