Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Renaissance - A New Approach

The Nahda constituted a process of reform and modernization towards achieving social justice, democratization, and state-building. The rhetoric of the Nahda centered around freedom, equality, the rule of law and civil rights. Proponents of the Nahda firmly believed that Arab societies themselves have the capacities to achieve development and modernization. To this end, envisaged reforms should encompass all spheres of life, from the social to economic and political domains.

ARDD is compiling publications and contributions relevant to the innovative and pioneering thought of the Nahda. Capitalizing on the insights and achievements of the Nahda, ARDD’s quest is to initiate a debate among Arab societies and encourage a learning process for all those engaged in change and reform in the Arab world.

As a response to current developments in the Arab region characterized by fragmentation, increased divisions within and across countries, and a dramatic decline in the respect of human rights, ARDD has aligned its own objectives with the achievements of the Nahda. ARDD aims at bringing back those who have been disenfranchised to the center of development and reform efforts. Only through their inclusion can a balanced and just social, economic, and political order be achieved.