Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

The Ability of Refugees to Legally Work from Home or Otherwise Use Their Foreign Credentials in Jordan

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

"Due to the protracted nature of the Syrian Crisis, the humanitarian community is doubling down on long-standing efforts to secure livelihood opportunities for Syrian refugees in Jordan. Identifying semi-formal and informal work opportunities, ones less likely to be hindered by local legal and political concerns, lies at the forefront of many evolving initiatives. It is within this context that key stakeholders have asked ARDD to investigate the local laws and legal processes that relate to working from home or otherwise making use of one’s foreign credentials to teach or practice medicine. The enclosed guidance note does just this. It details the many legal hurdles, as well as the uncertainty and protection risks, associated with gaining official authorization to work from home. The report considers the expansive need for work permits, which, unfortunately, relates not only to home-based work but also to professional practice more broadly. Finally, in concluding, the enclosed guidance note situates the law, and the potential for change, within the local political context. In this regard as well, ARDD draws upon its nuanced understanding of key local dynamics, ones that no doubt frame both potential obstacles and potential opportunities for humanitarian actors invested in finding long-term, workable solutions."

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