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الموقع تحت الإنشاء

النسخة التجريبية من موقع النهضة العربية (أرض)

The Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development

Building minds, reviving hope and renewing our civilizational message

Founded in 2008 in Amman-Jordan, Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development (ARDD) is a Civil Society Organization seeking to  reinitiate a new  Nahda (Arab Renaissance) project to contribute in addressing the challenges faced by the Arab World, building on the achievements and ideas of the Arab Nahda and aiming to open the doors for future participation in formulating concrete to open the doors for future participation in formulating concrete actions to achieve the desired change and development. 

ARDD supports marginalized individuals and communities—including refugees and migrants— in acquiring and enjoying their social, political and economic rights, through legal aid, psychosocial support, media and grassroots mobilization, and research and advocacy to raise stakeholders’ awareness locally, regionally and internationally about the challenges that vulnerable persons face in Jordan and the Arab Region.

Our aspirations for regional change are reflected by the ever-expanding presence of our field offices as we strive to serve vulnerable and underrepresented peoples in need. ARDD operates nine offices over Jordan, including two in the Zaatari and Al Azraq refugee camps, as well as various regional programs and projects.

ARDD’s work at the regional level integrates insights and experiences gained from its country-based work in several areas. It aims at initiating a debate, forging consensus on common solutions to the challenges faced by the Arab world and at putting these solutions into practice.


Our Vision

Consciously invest in the resources available and creatively unleash latent energies and potentials in Arab societies, underpinned by freedom, justice and equality, setting in motion a new Arab renaissance endeavor that advances human dignity and renews the cultural and humane message of the Arab World.

Our Mission

Carrying out a modernist renaissance project that contributes to returning the Arab world to the centre of positive human action and provides solutions to the moral, political and development crises that engulf the Arab world by entrenching the values of pluralism, tolerance and respect, reforming education, scientific research, development and public policies, and expanding the circles of participation in public life and decision-making processes, renewing the intellectual and cultural discourse, and benefiting from the intellectual, scientific and technical tools of the times.

The Renewal of our Civilizational Mission

The Nahda (Arab Renaissance) constituted a process of reform and modernization towards achieving active citizenship, social justice, and state-building. The rhetoric of Nahda centered around freedom, equality, the rule of law and civil rights. Proponents of the Nahda firmly believed that Arab societies themselves have the capacities to achieve development and modernization. To this end, envisaged reforms should encompass all spheres of life, from the social to economic and political domains.

Capitalizing on the insights and achievements of the Nahda, ARDD’s quest is to initiate a debate among Arab societies and all those engaged in change and reform in the Arab world. As a response to current developments in the Arab region characterized by fragmentation, increased divisions within and across countries, and a dramatic decline in the respect of human rights, ARDD has aligned its own objectives with the achievements of the Nahda. ARDD aims at bringing back those who have been disenfranchised to the center of development and reform efforts. Only through their inclusion can a balanced and just social, economic, and political order be achieved.

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