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الموقع تحت الإنشاء

النسخة التجريبية من موقع النهضة العربية (أرض)

Joint Statement issued by the Arab Immigration and Asylum Group regarding EU Parliament vote against Improving search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean


We, the undersigned, express our deep concern at the European Parliament vote against the resolution on 24 October 2019, which called on EU Member States to improve search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean.

Given that more than 1,000 people have already died this year alone in the Mediterranean and taking into account that the vote against the resolution was only achieved by a narrow margin (290 votes to 288 in favor), we strongly urge the European Parliament to reconsider adopting the resolution.

In line with the EU’s founding values of human dignity and respect for human rights, we emphasize the importance of the role of EU member states in improving and continuing search and rescue operations to prevent refugees and migrants from unnecessarily drowning in the Mediterranean Sea.

As international humanitarian principles are part of European law, and in accordance with the Lisbon Treaty, which entered into force in 2009, together with the Charter of Fundamental Rights, which provides for article 18, asylum can be considered a right within European law and a humanitarian duty. The right to asylum is also an obligation of EU Member States under the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees.

As a regional group of humanitarian actors and civil society, we call on the EU countries to shoulder their humanitarian responsibility and take a proactive role in launching a comprehensive strategy including the following:

·      Call for a new vote to adopt resolutions that protect human lives and ensure that Member States comply with their international obligations towards refugees and abide to international and humanitarian conventions with regards to rescue operations

·      Member States to shoulder their humanitarian responsibilities and to fulfill the values of solidarity called for by the European Union, and to strengthen its humanitarian and developmental role in transit and sending countries

·      Open dialogue with sending and transit countries aiming at strengthening cooperation and joint action to develop measures based on migrants’ rights and to support them in sending and transit countries in the region, rather than leaving to be forced to embark on a perilous journey

·      Activate safe migration pathways for those who are in real need of international protection; thereby reducing trafficking and illegal smugglers

·      Stop the criminalization of solidarity and rescue operations in the Mediterranean and those involved in civil society organizations and activists, and not obstruct their work and clarify procedures for safe disembarkation platforms

People do not venture to the sea willingly, they are forced to do so to escape oppression, prosecution, and threats to their lives. Our region has witnessed many uprisings, conflicts and instability. For example, countries such as Jordan and Lebanon have faced many challenges related to the influx of large numbers of refugees over the past years that have accumulated on existing national challenges. Sudan is the second largest African country in terms of immigration, as well as its role as a source and transit country. Refugees fleeing Libya also face poor refugee status and the risk of prosecution upon return.

We therefore affirm our willingness to offer our expertise and resources and to cooperate with the Member States of the European Union to jointly work on eliminating the causes of unsafe migration and alleviate the living conditions of individuals in this region.

Ultimately, we reaffirm that supporting this resolution translates into a commitment to protecting human life.


Arab civil society organizations, experts and actors

·      Dr. Amira Ahmed, American University in Cairo, Sudan

·      Dr. Ibrahim Awad, Migration and Refugees Studies Center at the American University in Cairo, Egypt

·      Mr. Abdel Moneim Elhur, Arab Organization for Human Rights – Libya

·      Ms. Linda Al Kalash, Tamkeen for Legal Aid and Human Rights – Jordan

·      Ms. Samar Mohareb, Arab Renaissance Organization for Democracy and Development (ARDD) – Jordan

·      Jordan National NGOs Forum (JONAF) – Jordan

·      Phenix Center for Economics & Informatics Studies – Jordan

·      Mizan Group – Jordan

·       Arab Women Association in Jordan

·      Dr. Ayman Zohri, American University in Cairo, Egypt

·      Mr. Ahmed Badawi, Egyptian Foundation for Refugee Support – Egypt

·      Dr. Magda El Senousy – Sudan

·      Mr. Nidal Mansour, Center for the Protection and Freedom of Journalists, Jordan

·      Ms. Hadeel Abdul Aziz – Center of Justice – Jordan

·      Dr.. Wafa Al Khadra – Jordan

·      Ms. Rania Al Sarayra – Jordan

·      Dr.. Salma Al Nems – Jordan

·      Ms. Sarah Ababneh – Jordan

·      Ms. Mahmoud Hishmeh, East and West Center for Sustainable Development – Jordan

·      Ms.  Hala Ahed – Jordan

·      Ms. Daad Abu Jaber – Jordan

·      Ms. Manal Al Wazani, Durrat Al Manal Foundation, Jordan

·      M. May Abu Adaad, Khatwat Amal Association – Jordan

·      Ms. Mohammed Shamma – Jordan

·      Ms. Hana Bu Hajji – Bahrain

·      Ms. Noha Mehrez, Women’s Network for Women’s Support – Jordan

·      Dr.. Amjad Farid Al – Tayeb – Sudan

·      Ms. Nour Al-Imam, Legal Network for Arab Women – Jordan

·      Ms. Leila Naffa – Jordan

·      Ms. Zuhair al-Nubani – Jordanian artist

·      Ms.Samah Marmash – Jordan

·      Ms. Badria Sheikh Basatneh, Bader Center – Jordan

·      Ms.  Najah Oweidat, Al-Keram Association – Jordan

·      Ms. Amal Obeidat, President of the Charitable Society for the Empowerment of Women – Jordan

·      Dr. Nahed Ghazoul, Mercy Organization and the Civil Society Chamber of the UN High Commissioner for Syrian Negotiations – Syria

·      Ms. Huda Naseer, Jordanian Women’s Committee and Watan Al Ataa Association – Jordan

·      Ms. Abeer Alawneh, Director of Zahra Aris Community Development – Jordan

·      Mr. Mohamed Farhat, Egyptian Foundation for Refugee Support, Egypt

·      Mr. Ahmed Abdel Hakam, National Human Rights Committee – Libya

·      Mr. Abdul Karim Albi, Al Safwa Foundation for Refugee Relief – Libya

·      Dr.. Bashir Al Kout, Director, Mediterranean Center for Studies and Research on Migration – Libya

·      Mr. Jamal Mabrouk, President of the Organization for Relief and Welfare Cooperation – Libya

·      Mr. Mustapha Abdelkebir, President of the Tunisian Observatory for Human Rights – Tunisia

·      Mr. Mokhtar Ben Said, President of the Algerian League for Human Rights – Algeria

·       Mr. Farea Al-Masaeed, Child Relief Society, Jordan

·      Dr. Dirar Assal – Jordan

·      Dr.. Oroub Al Abed – Jordan

·      Mr. Muin Khoury – Jordan

·      Mr. Ramy Quwaider – Jordan

·      Ms. Nafaa Zawahra – Jordan

·      Mr. Jaber Suleiman Center for Refugee Rights (Aidoun) – Lebanon

·      Dr. Najla Shahda, Board Member of Migration Services for Development – Lebanon

·      Mr. Mohammed Al-Ghazo, Pioneer of Karma for Training and Logistics – Jordan

·      Mr. Hossam Tarawneh, Founder and CEO, Karak Innovation Club, Jordan

·      Dr. Ghalib Al-Sarayrah, Al-Yamamah for Training, Development, Media Education and Entrepreneurship – Jordan

. Mr. Mohammad Abu Amira Founder of Hara initiative – Jordan

. Dr. Kamel Mhana, Amil Foundation -Lebanon