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Jordan´s Ethics in Business Award


The Ethics in Business Award honors small, medium, and large enterprises in Jordan that have demonstrated excellence in sustainable leadership and corporate social responsibility, significantly contributing to the country’s economic development.

The Award aims to raise awareness of human rights principles and ethical values in businesses across the public and private sectors. It seeks to enhance stakeholders’ contributions to policy and legislation debates, enhancing businesses’ capacities to support labor protection and labor market policies. It also aims to develop strategies to ensure the application of best practices and increase corporate social responsibility initiatives and partnerships. The award also promotes collaboration with civil society institutions to achieve sustainable development goals and national economic and development aims.

This award was launched in 2023 by the Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development (ARDD) and the Jordanian Businessmen Association (JBA). It aims to highlight the role of business leaders in creating a successful, productive, and attractive business environment for work and investment in Jordan, both locally and internationally. Additionally, it seeks to lay the foundations of ethical leadership in the business sector. As the first initiative of its kind in Jordan, the award seeks to create a new partnership model between the business community, civil society, and the public sector, promoting sustainable social and economic development through social dialogue and commitments.

Award achievements to date:

In its first edition, held under the theme “Towards a Common Goal: Strengthening Equitable Economic Growth in Jordan”,” the award honored a group of leaders from private sector companies who accepted the pledge and signed the “Goodwill Declaration.” This voluntary document outlines a set of basic principles and a joint agenda aimed at achieving tangible goals on the ground. It seeks to create a political and social environment conducive to sustainable development and decent work by providing recommendations for policies and regulatory frameworks in human rights and business, particularly concerning economic development and labor market support in Jordan.

The Award’s first edition honored each of the leading institutions participating in the initiative: “Jordan Phosphate Mines Company, Ernst & Young Jordan, Maltrans Shipping Agencies Co., Petra University, Marwan Al-Kurdi & Partners Co., Al-Salam International Company for Transport and Trade PLC, National Arab Motors, Tadawul Brokerage, Financial Investments Forum, Haider Murad & Sons Investment Group, Kawar Group, Al-Nayi for Informational and Communicational Consulting, Naouri Group, Marcelia for Information Technology – SkyTech, Adaa Sustainable Development Consultants, Studio R, Alfa Center for Studies, Durrat Al-Manal, Bilad Al-Atfal Nursery and Kindergarten, Dermaliscio Cosmetics, and Bloom Dead Sea Gift Enterprise”.

The award is now developing its direction for its second edition to keep pace with current events, circumstances, and the evolving priorities of the business sector as such the theme for the 2024 award is “Strengthening the Local Market: Towards a More Competitive, Shock-Resilient, and Sustainable Jordanian Economy.” A group of companies that meet the award’s criteria will be honored at a ceremony in May 2024.

The Award Granting Mechanism

The award is granted annually to companies that meet the specific criteria set for that year’s priorities. These criteria are developed by a specialized committee and a group of researchers who carefully study the issues and concepts on which the award focuses. They emphasize a specific theme aligned with Jordanian national priorities and guided by the recommendations of the JBA. The selection process is meticulously structured across three phases:

  1. Information Gathering and Analysis: Companies participate by completing a detailed questionnaire. The responses are thoroughly analyzed by the Social Protection team at the Renaissance Strategic Research Center at ARDD.
  2. Decision by the Award Committee: ARDD compiles the findings into an analytical report for the award committee, which consists of esteemed members from Jordan’s private sector and civil society. This committee reviews the analyses to select the awardees based on their adherence to the award’s criteria.
  3. The Award Ceremony: The ceremony is hosted annually by ARDD and the JBA, where the winners are announced. Award recipients are then invited to join the award committee for the subsequent year, fostering a cycle of continuous improvement and engagement.


The Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development (ARDD)

The Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development (ARDD) was founded in 2008 in Amman -Jordan, with a vision of an Arab world where all people enjoy fair, inclusive, and sustainable rights and opportunities.

Since its inception, the Renaissance Strategic Research Center at ARDD has been a steadfast advocate for economic empowerment and rights-based agendas, partnering with diverse stakeholders to enhance social dialogue and improve opportunities for decent livelihoods across Jordan and the Arab world.

The Jordanian Businessmen Association (JBA)

JBA was established in 1985 as an independent, non-profit organization in Amman, Jordan. The main objective of the Association is to create and maintain a business climate that will enable the private sector to accomplish its role in sustainable economic and business development in Jordan, serve its members from among the businessmen in various sectors, and provide a distinct atmosphere for exchanging experiences and achieving common interests among the members.

JBA was established with the aim of creating a single umbrella that brings together Jordanian businessmen from various economic disciplines. JBA also enjoys great support from the Hashemite leadership, as it has participated in many royal visits outside the Kingdom.