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الموقع تحت الإنشاء

النسخة التجريبية من موقع النهضة العربية (أرض)

Malak.. self-confidence and a brighter future


The case of eight-year-old Malak (pseudonym), after she lost the  tools and skills to communicate with those of her age, was aggravated by the violence she experienced at the hands of her mother, who beat and abused her until she caused her to lose her sense of hearing.

Malak has three siblings, and lives with her parents in the Ashrafieh neighborhood of the Jordanian capital Amman. To this time, she still suffers from a breach in her eardrums and needs surgical intervention to restore her hearing.

Her mother, who decided to restore trust with her child and improve the way she treats her, heard about the arts training sessions provided by the Investing in the Future Project, which revolves around the best interest of children and providing them with psychosocial support.

“During the first sessions, my child was feeling shy and suspicious, but after reassuring her and dealing with her in an emotional way, and in the fun atmosphere we felt, she began to feel relieved and reassured, and her self-confidence improved.” This observation of Malak’s case came from her mother, who sensed a significant improvement in her daughter’s condition during her participation in the training sessions.

The mother says: “Malak’s psychological condition has changed. She started to communicate with other children and to practice her hobbies of singing and playing with puppets, stressing “the need to follow children with social or psychological problems and not to leave them without solutions.”

She then added: “As a mother, I have also benefited from the psychological and parenting sessions and will treat my daughter well and try to understand her better.”