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الموقع تحت الإنشاء

النسخة التجريبية من موقع النهضة العربية (أرض)

Nidaa’… One door closes to open another door of hope


In the capital city of Jordan, Amman, Nidaa, her husband Ali (fake name), and her two children were living in a modest but cozy family home. Like any marital relationship, their marriage was not without problems. However, after discontent on both sides grew, the couple decided to divorce which negatively affected Nidaas’s psychological and social well-being. Additionally, her ex-spouse deprived her of seeing their children or even communicating with them on the phone.

Luckily, after some time, Ali reversed this decision and returned the children to live with their mother. Nidaa took on full responsibility to provide a good life for her children, but she did not have any source of income, due to missing job skills and work experience required by the labor market. It was very difficult for her to obtain a job that would provide her family with a stable life.

The problems that accompanied Nidaa frustrated her but did not stop her from searching for a way out. While browsing through the internet, she saw a post on one of the social media platforms, offering psychological and parenting support sessions that are part of the Vision Hope International project called “Investing in the Future” established to Improve educational, social, and economic integration of Somali, Sudanese, and Yemeni Minorities in Jordan. This project benefits about 560 Sudanese, Somali, and Yemeni families living in poorer neighborhoods in East Amman, such as Nidaas’s little family. Excited about the project she did not hesitate to contact the “ARDD” organisation – VHI’s local partner implementing the project in Amman. In the Parenting Support Sessions (PSS), she received various types of psychological support and gained back a positive outlook on life: “I regained the confidence to rely on myself in making decisions. I also reclaimed the courage and power to take care of my 2 children in the best way.”

Throughout the support sessions, Nidaa became highly motivated to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse, becoming self-sufficient, and providing her children with a stable and safe family environment.

Nidaa is sure that

“It is important to follow your dream, even if it is impossible, and to stay away from what the community imposes on you.”